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About Poets101.com

Poets101.com was created by Roch Smith Jr. of Greensboro101.com and Billy Jones, author of Carrot On A Stick, BloggingPoet.com, and LaureatesKids.com. Poets101.com is owned by AltMedia101.com– a grassroots company founded by Mister Smith in 2005 at the request of Bloggers from in and around Greensboro, North Carolina where Roch and Billy are long time residents. Roch and Billy are both members of a very innovative group known as Blogsboro which has been a worldwide trendsetter since its founding in 2004.
Poets101 is a poetry blog aggregator and community website built for the purpose of highlighting the works of as many great poets as possible while helping them earn revenue through the AltMedia101.com Network. We currently operate the world’s first– and thus far only– full service poetry aggregator. Sadly, we cannot guarantee that every poetry blogger will earn revenue.
To learn more about RSS go here. To learn more about aggregators go here.
Poets and their works are highlighted through the poetry aggregator, Poetry Wire– where blogging and non blogging poets can submit their poetry and poetry related articles and announcements– and via the Features page of Poets101.com as well as our front page. Self-published poets and poets published by small presses are welcome to use the Poetry Wire as a place to announce your book signings, readings, and other poetry related events but those who abuse us will be blocked from using the tools we offer.
SPAM will never be tolerated.
Requirements for the Features page are as follows:
1. Only poetry and poetry related posts will be featured. It may be important to you but unless you can put it in verse there’s little chance your cause will ever make our front page.
2. Features may come from the Poetry Wire Page or from blogs whose owners have submitted their blog’s RSS feeds to Poets101.
3. Features are at the discretion of the editor and/or publisher. Every effort is made to feature as many poets as is possible but sometimes because of the content of a particular blog or post it may not be technically possible or socially acceptable to feature certain poems or articles. In other instances an editor’s warning may be visible so that readers can decide for themselves what types of content they wish to see.
We make no effort to censor the content of participating members’ blogs and suggest to those of tender years or tender ears that your Internet browser filters be set to block any content that might offend you or your family. That said: we do sometimes issue editor’s warnings so readers will know before clicking on the link.
Tips for getting featured:
1. Write great poetry or poetry related articles.
2. Help our community by promoting others from within the Poets101 community or by becoming involved in our projects such as The Ringing Of The Bards and others that may come along in the future.
3. Be patient as our community is growing quickly and it’s easy to miss a few. If you have issues we’ll see what we can do to improve the situation.
All submissions to Poets101.com are copyrighted by their owners or creators. Poets101.com does not now and never will claim copyrights to the works of others. We use only excerpts from member blogs who have consented to our service and never post a poem or article in full, preferring instead to direct the readers to the site of the original post.
Some authors use Creative Commons copyrights and when possible we make note of that fact when posting content to our Features page.
Should you feel Poets101.com or one of our members is infringing on your copyrights then send us the complete URL (Hyperlink) of the offending post and we’ll deal with the infringement if any is found.
Suggestions, complaints, and general BS may be sent to the Editor, Billy Jones at idlehandsmag (AT) gmail.com (Exchange the (AT) for a @ and remove the spaces.)
Billy reserves the right to ignore your BS., but legitimate issues will be handled ASAP.
Poets101.com does not pay for submissions. We don’t pay or accept payments for ads, we just post what we feel like.

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